For most people, the commitment and cost of using spray foam insulation in their home insulation elicits a lot of intimidation. In fact, without understanding the numerous advantages that spray foam insulation has, overlooking it as an option is quite easy. Moreover, most people often fail to realize that it outperforms all the other kinds of insulation.

Consequently, to bridge this gap, below you will find five reasons as to why every home needs spray foam insulation and more so why you need  Capital Spray Foam Insulation professionals in Ottawa to do it for you.

  • When compared to the other more common types of insulation, it yields far better results mainly due to its wide nature which tightly seals all crannies and nooks. Moreover, the fact that it is ranked R-6 which is the highest rank and its capability to offer air-tight seals also adds to numerous reasons as to why it’s better.
  • Due to its sturdiness, majority of businesses and homes can make an incredible saving on their energy expenses once they install it. Unlike other kinds of insulation which only grant you 30% worth of monthly saving, spray foam gives average savings of 50% or higher in some cases.
  • You also gain the benefit of having all your cracks and holes thoroughly sealed in your crawl spaces or attic. This is especially important given the fact that it’s these air leaks which lead to high energy bills. Thus, by creating a strong air tight seal which is 24 times less permeable than other types of insulation to air infiltration, your expenses are greatly reduced.
  • With cracks and holes in your walls, water moisture can also penetrate through if they are not sealed. However, with this type of home insulation, Ottawa homeowners don’t have to worry as it will prevent the penetration due to its impermeability to water. Further, even if flooding should occur, it won’t absorb water.
  • In addition to being water resistant, it is also limits the growth of bacteria and mold by not providing any food source to them. Consequently, those homes which have this closed-cell insulation receive protection from mold and mildew.

In essence, the effectiveness of spray foam insulation in your home, office or other space will largely depend on the proper filling of the gaps and cracks in between the walls as the material expands and dries. Hiring a Capital Spray Foam Insuation expert in Ottawa with the right equipment and knowledge will ensure this happens. By so doing, you will not have to deal with some of the issues which arise during DIY applications or hiring an unlicensed insulation contractor. A professional will be able to get all the resources necessary, tell you how much it will cost and then proceed to install the material so that you may begin to enjoy the benefits highlighted above.


All in all, spray foam insulation is a must-have in every home to deal with the cracks and holes present on the walls, attic and other spaces. You need not continue paying high energy bills due to substandard insulation when there is a better option. Instead, you should seek the assistance of home insulation professionals in Ottawa to help you install spray foam materials in your home so that you can start reaping the numerous benefits today.