You might be wondering if spray foam insulation in your attic is worth it.  Especially if you don’t actually use your attic as a living space?  What difference would spray foam insulation in your attic make? Will it really be worth the investment?

Sometimes it can be hard to really visualize the difference that sealing and insulating your attic with spray phone will make. You don’t typically think about trying to keep your attic cool in the summer or warm in the winter because most people don’t actually use their attics as a living space. So  thinking about upgrading or changing their attic insulation with spray foam insulation can be difficult for them to understand why it is in their best interest.

It can help to consider that traditional ceiling insulation materials such as fiberglass or cellulose typically work by slowing down the flow of heat at this point of the ceiling. The average attic temperature in North American (particularly in Ottawa, ON) can reach well upwards of 40- degrees C or higher.  When you seal and insulate your attic with 3 foam insulation you are now protecting your attic from these sickeningly hot temperatures.

In fact, spray foam insulated attic temperature typically does not go above a 15-degree variation from what the temperature is in the rest of the home, even on the hottest day of the summer for the coldest day of the winter!   So how does that benefit you?  

Here are the Main Benefits of  Spray Foam Insulation in Your Attic 

  • The upstairs bedrooms in your home will be cool and comfortable throughout the entire day and into the evening  on the hottest day of the year and through the heat waves that have been known to plague homeowners in Ottawa, Ontario!

  •  Your air conditioning what cycle is normal on and off throughout the day in the evening instead of turning on somewhere near noon and not shutting off until after midnight.  This adds so much life to your HVAC equipment  by reducing the near non-stop air conditioning that can be used in hot weather.

  •  The heat on your main level should be more than enough to provide comfort for the second floor in your home which in turn reduces your heating costs and wear and tear on your equipment.

  • The air quality of your home will be dramatically improved with lower levels of allergens, dust, and mold resulting in a healthier breathing environment for your whole family.

  • Not if, but WHEN your HVAC system breaks down you can choose to replace it with a smaller more affordable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly unit  because your home is so much easier to heat and cool.

You’ll save money on your heating and cooling bills every single month freeing you up to use that money on other things that you’d rather be spending it on or saving it for like a family vacation or paying down the principal on your mortgage  or anything else you want!