Some people will tell you that you will probably never recover the full value of the investments you’ve made into your home in terms of Home Improvement. Some may even tell you that you won’t make much if any profit down the line when you sell your home. This might be true in some cases but not the case when it comes to spray foam insulation.

Having your entire home insulated with spray foam insulation typically costs a few thousand dollars. It isn’t usually something that is marketed as a high selling feature when it comes to resale value. However, target spray foam insulation projects that address or extend the livable space in your home can very well turn into a favorable return-on-investment selling feature when it comes time to sell. Finishing a basement can add thousands of square feet of usable (marketable!) living space to your existing home. Turning the basement into a granny Suite, play area or rental unit can also be a very strategic investment that will turn into a measurable profit.

Another spray foam insulation targeted project could be converting a garage into a usable space. A properly insulated garage can reduce significant hot air loss through the porous walls during the winter and additionally hot air coming in during the summer. By having spray foam insulation put into both the walls and the ceiling of your garage and putting in a more weather friendly door this can effectively plug a hole in your properties defense against the climate. This feature makes property more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers.  

Beyond using the garage for its traditional purposes (think parking the car), if a garage is insulated well it can be transformed into a living space such as a den or a playroom for kids or anything you can imagine. If you are planning a move in the near future it is advisable to keep the theme neutral for the garage such as an extra living room rather than going for a specifically themed room. Even if you don’t go to the full extent of converting the garage into a living space just having it well insulated with spray foam insulation will keep the temperature at a comfortable rate (and more energy/cost efficient space) in all seasons and in turn be an appealing feature of the home when it comes time to sell.

Another advantage of insulating the garage with spray foam is that any room built above the garage  has a reputation for being almost inhabitable with cold during the winter into hot during the summer. This can be a negative feature when it comes to selling and a negative leverage point leading to price drops. Almost invariably this is due to a garage below that is not properly insulated allowing heat transfer directly through the ceiling. Quality garage ceiling insulation preferably done through spray foam insulation offers a relatively inexpensive solution to the problem.

It’s important to know that spray foam insulation is not a miracle cure for a house that is seriously in need of repair or updating. If a house is infested with cockroaches spray foam insulation is not a solution. While spray foam insulation can certainly reduce Past coming into the home if they’re already there you got another problem you need to deal with first.

Once your home is well-insulated, has had any minor repairs attended to by a quality local handyman, and you’re ready feeling ready to contact a realtor to appraise your home value and get it on the market we highly recommend that you consider contacting a home Stager first. A Home Staging Service  will go through your home to identify how to best prepare and present your home to potential buyers so that it spends less time on the market, experiencing less price drops if any at all, less hassle and stress for you, and ultimately sells for the best possible price. This will help you not only recoup but even profit from your spray foam insulation investment.